My high school batchmates and I decided to take a trip last summer, and we decided to go to Zambales since it’s accessible from where we’re from, it’s unspoilt, and a day out of city would be a nice touch to make-up for all the missed and cancelled reunions we planned.

Whenever people hear the word Zambales, they immediately think of Subic, however this place has a lot to offer. Nowadays, Pundaquit is growing more famous because of the Anawangin Cove.
My friend contacted a travel agency for this, and paid a fee which includes transportation (Manila-Pundaquit-Manila), boat ride, Island Hopping, tents and drinking water. Our meeting place was on Blue Bay at 12 midnight.


In the afternoon, we went to climb the hill so we could see the top of the island, and we were surprised with its beauty.

The next day, the bangkero fetched us for our island hopping. We visited two nearby islands, the Capones and Camara Islands.


May 5, 2015

  • 12 am: Meet-up at BlueBay, Pasay
  • 5 am: Stop over at public market to buy food
  • 7 am: Arrive at Brgy. Pundaquit
  • 7: 40 am: Arrive at Anawangin, set-up tent
  • 8: 00 am: Eat breakfast
  • 9: 00 am: Beach bumming, swimming
  • 3: 00 pm: Hill climbing
  • 5: 00 pm: Descend hill
  • 7: 00 pm: Dinner

May 6, 2015

  • 5: 00 am: Wake-up call
  • 7: 00am: Island Hopping (Capones and Camara Islands)
  • 12: 00 pm: Travel back to port at Brgy. Pundaquit
  • 1: oo pm: Departure time


  • Activities are swimming, snorkelling, beach bumming, island hopping, mountain or hill climbing
  • There’s no electricity in the area, so bring a powerbank instead if you want to charge your electronic devices
  • There’s also no signal
  • There’s an available public bathroom inside the camp
  • There are stores in the area, but it’s a bit overpriced
  • You can bring your tent if you have. It’s better.
  • Always always bring your sunscreen
  • We went here during the summer season, and there were only few people with us that time so make sure you come here before people flocks around this one piece of beaut.
  • Do not litter! Apparently, some people just leave their trashes around, and it’s heart breaking. Do not attempt what they did.

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