Most of the time, it’s the unplanned things that pushes through with your friends when you want to spend time with them. It was definitely impulsive and we only had 5 hours to plan this whole trip. I researched about Quezon and searched for contacts on how to get there. I packed my things, bought food, and at 2 o’clock in the morning, I was waiting for my friends to arrive. This is it.

Quezon is a 4-hour drive away from Manila. Luckily, only a handful of tourist visited the place since it was time for Christmas Eve. It pretty much looked like we rented the islands for ourselves! From Parañaque, we rented a cab to take us to Buendia and asked the driver to drop us off at JAC Liner Terminal. We took a bus going to Lucena City around 3 am, which has a 24 hour scheduled trip operation by the way.

Arriving at the terminal, vans were available 24/7 waiting for passengers. Just ask which van can take you to Unisan. I asked the driver to drop us off at QCRB, where Ate Noemi, our contact person for the bangka, will meet us.

We got by the port at 9am. I asked the bangkero to take us from the farthest island then to the nearest: Lukang Beach, then to Dampalitan Beach, and finally to Borawan.

Lukang Beach also known as Puting Buhangin is the farthest, but the travel is worth the wait as it welcomes those who visit with clear, turquoise water.

Tip: Check out for Kwebang Lampas located at the right side of the island facing the sea.

Our next stop was Dampalitan Beach. Even at far, you can notice how white the sand is.

This place is perfect for beach bumming. You may swim here, but take caution of sea urchins. They have bigger cottages, perfect for overnight stay if Borawan is packed up with people.

Past lunch time, we went finally to Borawan.

The island is the most established among the three, and they offer activities like, rock climbing and kayak.

By 5pm, it was already getting dark so we packed our things, cleaned ourselves, and head back to the coast.

It was definitely a great way to spend the Christmas holiday and end this year with a bang.


December 23, 2015

2:15am: Meet-up at Paranaque, took a cab to get to JAC Liner Terminal in Buendia.

2:50am: Arrival at JAC Liner Terminal. Take a bus going to Lucena City.(PHP ~210.00)

3:00 am: Departure time at JAC Liner Terminal

7:00 am: Arrival at Lucena Terminal. Take a van going to Unisan. (PHP 60.00)

8:40 am: Arrival at meeting place, QCRB. Take a tricycle going to the coast (PHP 10.00). Ride bangka (PHP 1,800 but I was able to haggle the price to PHP 1,500 for 3/pax.)

9: 30 am: Arrival at Puting Buhangin, eat breakfast. (Entrance fee: PHP 80.00)

12:00 pm: Arrival at Dampalitan Beach, eat lunch (Entrance fee: PHP 75.00)

2:00 pm: Arrival at Borawan (Entrance fee: PHP ~120.00, Overnight: PHP 220.00)

5:00 pm: Pack-up things

5:30 pm: Arrival at coast, take a tricycle and asked the driver to drop you off where vans going to Lucena Terminal pass through.

6:50 pm: Arrival at Lucena Bus Station, eat dinner, buy pasalubong

7:00 pm: Depart at Lucena Bus Station, take a bus going to Buendia via Alabang (PHP 120.00)


  • All three islands have available public bathrooms you can use. The ones in Puting Buhangin aren’t free, and the ones in Borawan are included in the entrance fee, and are better.
  • I’m pretty sure there’s no electricity in these islands, but you can ask the bangkero ahead of time to be sure
  • All islands require you to pay entrance fee.
  • You can bring your own tent if you wish to stay overnight or you can rent the cottages and tents available instead.
  • There’s a sari-sari store in Puting Buhangin and Borawan.
  • Dampalitan Beach is the only island that allows you to create bonfire.
  • You can bring your own food, it’s cheaper that way.
  • Contact Ate Noemi for the bangka: +639 476 142 289 or +639 064 298 071. She’s the nicest person ever!! Contact her ahead of time so they can reserve the bangka for you.

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