Below is my itinerary and estimated travel expenses on my Cebu trip.

Note: I was supposed to leave Cebu on the 18th of January, but I missed my flight so I decided to extend for 2 days. I didn’t include the expenses of my additional days of stay and in Sinulog since it’s subjective.


January 14, 2016 // Cebu City

8:40am: Arrival at Cebu City. Took a ride from MyBus to drop off at SM (PHP 25.00), and ride a jeep with a code 01k to drop off at Shamrock Pasalubong Center (PHP 8.00)

10:00am: Arrival at Pension House, where we stayed for the rest of our trip. (We each paid PHP 1,350 for our stay, from Jan 14-22. Some of my friends stayed in Cebu until 22nd of January.)

12:00pm: Lunch at STK ta Bay! at Orchid Street, Capitol Site (~PHP 200.00)

1:00pm: Ride a jeep going to JY Square Mall (PHP 8.00)

1:30pm: Rented a habal-habal going to Sirao Flower Farm and Temple of Leah (PHP 250.00)

2:30pm: Arrival at Sirao Flower Farm. Entrance fee: PHP 30.00

3:30pm: Arrival at Temple of Leah. Entrance fee: PHP 50.00

5:00pm: Depart from Temple of Leah

5:30pm: Drop off by habal-habal in JY Square Mall, ride a cab going to Ayala Mall (~PHP 80.00/ PHP 20.00 each)

6:00pm: Eat dinner (PHP 180.00), bought shirt for Sinulog (PHP 300.00)

9:00pm: ride taxi going to Pension House (PHP 80.00/ PHP 20.00 each)

Total Estimated Expenses for Day 1: ~ PHP 2,441.00


Jan 15, 2016 // Oslob, Cebu (note: 3-4 hours from from Cebu City)

4:00am: Wake-up call

5:00am: Ride a cab going to Cebu South Terminal (PHP 80.00 / PHP 20.00 each)

5:20am: Arrive at South Bus Terminal. Take Oslob-bound bus (PHP 165.00). Ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Tan-awan or where the whaleshark watching (MB Sunrise Resort) is located.

9:30am: Arrive at MB Sunrise Resort. Register and start whaleshark watching. (PHP 500.00), locker room rental and shower (PHP 100.00)

11:00am: Lunch (PHP 190.00)

12:00pm: Rent a tricycle to go to Seafari. (PHP 40.00) Ask the driver to drop you off at Cancua-ay Private Beach Resort. Entrance fee: PHP 100.00

2:00pm: Depart from Cancua-ay Beach Resort. Since we asked the tricycle driver to wait for us, we asked him to drop us off at MB Sunrise Resort, where we rode a bus bound to Cebu City (or you can just wait for a bus in front Cancu-ay Beach Resort since it’s accessible from where the buses are heading to anyway). Ask the driver to drop you off at Dalaguete or near Osmena Peak. (PHP 60.00)

Dalaguete, Cebu 

3:00pm: Arrival at Dalaguete town. Ride a habal-habal to take you to foot of Osmena Peak. Ask the driver to wait for you. (PHP 300.00). You can either hire a tour guide (rate depends on how much you want to give. My friends and I gave PHP 100.00 for 4/pax) or not, since it’s an easy trail.

6:00pm: Start descend.

7:00pm: Arrive at Dalaguete town.

8:00pm: Dinner (PHP 70.00)

10:00pm: Take a bus bound to Cebu and ask the driver to drop you off at Carcar.

11:40pm: Arrival at Carcar. We tried to look for a bus bound to Badian, Bato via Barili, and NOT Bato via Oslob, but failed. There were no more bus available so decided to ride a habal-habal (PHP 15.00) to take us off to an inn (PHP 250.00/each).

Total Estimated Expenses for Day 2: ~P 1,835.00


Jan 16, 2016 // Badian, Cebu note: (1-2 hours from Carcar)

6:00am: Wake-up call

6:30am: Take  bus bound to Badian Bato via Barili (PHP 65.00)

8:00am: Arrival at Badian

9:00am: Start canyoneering. My friend contacted Highland Adventures for our canyoneering. Their package includes amazing and fun tour guides, delicious lunch, bottled water and merienda. (PHP 1,100.00)

5:00pm: Finish canyoneering

6:00pm: Ride bus bound to Cebu City (PHP 117.00)

9:30pm: Arrival at Cebu City. It was time for Sinulog the next day so some roads were already closed. We rode a habal-habal to drop us off from the Pension House. (PHP 50.00)

Total Estimated Expenses for Day 3: ~ PHP 1,332.00


Jan 17, 2016 // Cebu City for Sinulog


Also, thank you so much to my friend, Carmen Arceno, for taking notes of our expenses!

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