For our second day in Cebu, we planned to visit Oslob and Dalaguete. Usually, people visit Kawasan Falls in Badian in the morning and Dalaguete in the afternoon, but if I were you, allot one whole day for Badian if you want to go canyoneering.

Oslob is located on “southest” part of Cebu. It is where the famous Whale Sharks can be found. We woke up at around 4 or 4:30 in the morning, got our things packed and prepared, and by 5:00am, we were waiting for a taxi. Surprisingly, taxi fare in Cebu are cheaper compared in Manila, and it’s your safest choice in an early morning. (They also have Grab Taxi in the city, by the way.)

From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Oslob, and ask the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Tan-awan or where the whale shark watching (MB Sunrise Resort) is located. If unsure, you can always ask the drivers / conductors around the terminal. The locals are friendly, they won’t bite. You can also check the bus schedules here. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 hours from Cebu City to reach Oslob, so I suggest you take the earliest trip to avoid traffic.

By 9:30am, we arrive at MB Sunrise Resort. You are required to register in the resort before they take you to the place where whale shark encounter really happens, though it’s just walking distance from the resort. Registration is PHP 500.00, and if you want to avail their locker room rental and shower, you’ll have to pay additional PHP 100.00.

When you get to the beach, there will be a short seminar about the do’s and the don’t’s just so all can have a pleasant experience, and also for the welfare of the Whale Sharks.

It’s my first time to swim with the Whale Sharks. It took me a while to get comfortable  since they’re so big!

It felt like we were already swimming for an hour or two, but it only took us roughly 30 mins. It honestly felt longer maybe because everything is new and exciting, and also it’s so tiring to swim and chase the Whale Sharks.

Our next stop was Cancua-ay Private Beach Resort. From MB Sunrise Resort, you can ride a habal-habal or a tricycle (cheaper and more convenient). Tell the driver to go to Seafari, where the resort is near. You may or may not ask the driver to wait for you since the resort is near the highway where buses pass. Entrance fee to the resort is PHP 100.00 inclusive of shower and cottage.


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Around 2:00pm, we departed from Cancua-ay Beach Resort. Since we asked the tricycle driver to wait for us, we asked him to drop us off at MB Sunrise Resort, where we rode a bus bound to Cebu City to go to our next stop, Osmena Peak in Dalaguete.


  • If you plan to visit Cancua-ay Beach Resort afterwards, don’t pay the locker room rental and shower in MB Sunrise Resort. There’s a cheaper option of locker rental (ask the locals in sari-sari store) for PHP20.00 in the place where Whale Shark observation happens, and you can just take a shower in Cancua-ay Beach Resort.
  • Don’t try to touch the Whale Sharks. They are harmless, gentle creatures and as visitors let’s respect their ground rules. It’s for everyone’s safety.
  • Leave your valuables in the locker room like wallet and gadgets (if you don’t have a waterproof case). It will definitely get wet when you leave it in the boat.


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