For the fourth day of my Southern Cebu trip, my friends and I went to visit Badian. The municipality is well-known for the 3-leveled-Kawasan Falls and become more popular when it was featured in Biyahe ni Drew.

If you plan to do canyoneering, I recommend that you allot the whole day just for it, and book a tour with Highland Adventures as they have THE BEST guides that will accompany, and take pictures of you and your friends, making the trip memorable.

We took a bus heading to Badian Bato via Barili. From Carcar, the bus ride is around 1-2 hours, so we arrived at our meeting place, to be fetched by the guides, at around 8 in the morning.

In the Highland Adventures HQ, some of our friends who came from Cebu City have arrived as well. The guides handed us life vests and helmets, and prepared some biscuits and water for us to eat during our canyoneering.

Upon arriving at our destination, we signed up our names to the Barangay Hall, and we were good to go.

I’m not an adrenaline-junkie type of person so it took me a minute or two to process the whole canyoneering thing, which includes jumping off cliffs. The first cliff is considered to be one of the highest, at around 18-20 feet! It felt like I was being tested by God lol

It was already 5 in the afternoon when we finished the whole canyoneering activity. Our guides prepared lunch for us to eat, then swim and took pictures by the falls afterwards.

The whole experience  was definitely one of a kind. Don’t forget to add this on your bucketlist!


  • We got our canyoneering package at PHP 1,100/ each. It includes gears (life vest, helmet, rubber shoes), biscuits,  a bottle of water, food for lunch (unlimited softdrinks and rice).
  • The activity can last for 5-6 hours or more depending on your pace.
  • Your valuables will get wet, so buy a waterproof bag. Or in our case, our guides have one.
  • There are stalls halfway through the area where you can eat light meals. Be responsible enough to throw your trash to the proper garbage bags.
  • Prepare yourself to jump off cliffs you never expected to exist (hyperbole alert). But really. Or else there’d a be a queue of people who’ll get either pissed off or pressure you. LOL
  • The place is extremely beautiful. You might want to bring extra batteries because your action camera will die out.
  • From Osmena Peak, there is an 8-hour trek traversing to Kawasan Falls. Click here

Photos are taken by Mea, Kelvin, Daniel, and our guides

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