There’s always this one place we ought to visit but never had the chance to. Mine is Baguio. Being alive for 21 years, I’ve never been able to visit it until recently. Most, if not all of my friends have been here, and I felt like I have no childhood! So when we were invited by mom’s friend, I grabbed the opportunity to tag along.

By 11 in the evening, we were off to Cubao Terminal. We were in the chance passenger section area since we didn’t reserve tickets. The queue was long that we decided to check for another bus terminal around. After an hour of waiting, we were able to get a ride heading to the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

We finally arrived at around 6 in the morning, checked in, and ate breakfast at Veniz Hotel while waiting for Lai and Webb to arrive before heading out to Ketchup: The Food Community.

Surprisingly , the trees are well-preserved by the people. I never thought I could be this in love with trees and flowers. As this is my first time, I felt like a promdi experiencing urban (LOL). I wish I could have stayed a bit longer so I could have visited all the parks in Baguio.


Afterwards, we visited few tourist spots around the area.


That night, Lai, Webb, and I went to Baguio Craft Brewery to try their handcraft beers and listen to the acoustic, then visited the Night Market to buy clothes.

So glad to be able to visit Baguio, eat strawberry-flavored taho, and experience the chilly weather! I should probably save up and visit again around Panagbenga Festival.


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