Laguna has always been a go-to destination to every Manileños as the place is rich with hotsprings and waterfalls. We all know Pagsanjan Falls, which was always discussed by our Sibika / HEKASI teacher back in elementary days, but what few people know is that there’s another hidden gem in Laguna.

Buntot Palos is an 80-meter waterfall situated at Pangil, Laguna. It has a fairly easy trek (around 1.5- 2 hours), great for beginners. Lester and I decided to visit this place last May 2015. Back then, only few people have been to Buntot Palos so there were only limited pictures over the internet, but those few pictures have easily gained our attention.


We decided to meet at Manila by 8:00am (supposedly 7:00am, but I was late), and rode a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna at Green Star Bus Terminal. Travel time is around 2 hours. You can’t miss it since it’s the last bus stop.

Look for a jeep bound to Sinoloan, Laguna and ask the driver to drop you off at Pangil Church. From there, look for a tricycle, which can be found beside the church, and ask them to drop you off at Buntot Palos.

Once you reach the jump-off point, there’s a barangay office on the side that will ask you to write your name on their logbook, and assign a tour guide.

Trekking was new to me that time. I swear it felt like I lost countless of calories on our ascent! But just when it felt like forever,  the noise of the waterfall has refreshed my sweaty state.

Seeing the majestic waterfall from afar, we hurriedly climbed down, and were welcomed by this view.


At 3 in the afternoon, we finally packed-up and started our descent.

This was my first ever DIY trip, and I felt so accomplished that we were able to successfully visit Buntot Palos Falls.


Itinerary + Expenses: 

8:00 am: arrival at Manila, ride FX bound to Buendia (~ PHP 15.00-30.00)

8:30 am: drop-off at Green Star Terminal, ride bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (PHP 150.00)

10:30 am: arrival at Sta. Cruz Terminal, ride jeep bound to Sinoloan (PHP 37.00)

11:00 am: drop off at Pangil Church, ride tricycle to Buntot Palos (~PHP 50.00-100.00 for 2 pax)

11:30 am: arrival at jump-off point, register at Barangay Office and start ascent (Tour Guide: PHP 300.00 for 1-3 pax)

1:30 pm: arrival at Buntot Palos

3:00 pm: start descent

5:00 pm: arrival at Barangay Office, ride jeep to Sta. Cruz (PHP 37.00), eat dinner

6:00 pm: ride bus bound to Buendia (PHP 150.00)

Estimated Total Expenses: PHP 604.00



  • Buntot Palos in english is translated as “Eel’s Tail”. There are definitely no eels in this place, but people say there are leeches. In our case, we didn’t encounter any.
  • For students, bring your valid school I.D to get discounts in bus fares.
  • There’s an available water source on your way up to the falls. However it isn’t filtered so I don’t recommend it to people who have sensitive GI tract.
  • A changing station is also available about 500 meters away from the falls.
  • A tour guide is necessary for the trekking.
  • No sari-sari stores are present, but you can always ask your guide for coconuts available at a house on your way to the falls.
  • There’s also no electricity and cottages around the area
  • Leave no trace policy
  • Camping is allowed
  • Apparently, there’s another falls near Buntot Palos. You might want to ask your tour guide about this prior your ascent.

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