From my previous post, I visited the Pulangbato Falls in Valencia, strolled around Rizal Boulevard, and toured around Siliman University at night for my first day. Just when I thought my visit couldn’t get any better, we visited a nearby island rumored as the place swarmed by witchcraft, potions and spells, and mythical creatures.

Bearing that on mind, it is no wonder why Siquijor is at the bottom of most travellers’ list. But what they don’t tell you is that this place is where you can find the loveliest waterfalls and beaches. I actually think I left a piece of my heart in this province because it is truly a paradise made by heaven.

This small island is one hour-away from Dumaguete (by boat). From Dumaguete port, you can book a ticket as early as 6:00 am (Mondays only) or 7:00 am.

From Bethel Guest House in Dumaguete, we rode a tricycle going to Dumaguete port, bought tickets (PHP 160.00/each), and paid the terminal fee (PHP 15.00/each) for the 8:00 am departure.


After an hour, we were able to reach Siquijor Island. We immediately booked tickets for the next day to Dumaguete once we arrived. I suggest you do the same if you only plan to stay in Siquijor for a day to save you from hassle. We took the earliest trip going to Dumaguete, which is 6:00 in the morning, for the next day.

Since the island is small, a day or two is enough for your visit. You can either rent a motorcycle for a day or simply avail tour package. There are two types of tours available in Siquijor: The first one is the Coastal Tour (PHP 1000), which is the most popular tour availed by travellers. This includes going around the whole island, and visiting the famous tourist spots.  The other one is the Mountain Tour, which covers Cantabon Cave. In our case, we paid extra PHP 200.00 because our drop-off point was in San Juan.

When I was in Manila, I was already contacting hotels in Siquijor, but they all said they were full. Luckily, I was able to contact a local tourist driver, Kuya Rolly, who helped me with hotel reservations. My parents and I stayed at White Villas Resort in San Juan.

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Upon arriving, we rested for a while in the hotel and had lunch at Dagsa Restobar. We finished eating at  12:30 in the afternoon, then we started our Coastal Tour.

Our first stop was Capilay Spring Park located in San Juan. There is a long flight of stairs on the other side of the spring which leads you to a school.

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There are three tourist spots found in Lazi. The first one is the enchanting Old Balete Tree. This tree has a ‘fish pedicure’ or man-made pond that contains doctor fish. There are stalls in the area that sells coconut and hand-crafted keychains, love potions, and souvenir shirts.

Another one is the Lazi Church and Convent.

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The highlight of our trip was definitely Cambugahay Falls, also located in Lazi.  This three-tiered waterfall may not be as high the others, but surely its natural beauty is breathtaking. The water is milky blue, and perfect for swimming. On the first level, there’s an available rope where you can tarzan swing your way.

For our final stop, we headed to Salagdoong Beach in Maria.


By 5:30 pm, we arrived at the resort, freshen up, and had dinner.

The island is already gaining popularity on the internet, and you should definitely see for yourself what everyone’s been buzzing about!


  • To prevent inconvenience, it’s better if you ask the ticket sellers the latest schedule of each ferry trip.
  • Siquijor can easily be toured. If you plan to tour around by renting a motorcycle, there’s only one main road the surrounds the island you can’t simply miss.
  • I’m not really sure about how much the Mountain Tour costs alone, since we chose the Coastal Tour, but if you plan to avail both, it would cost you at around PHP 2,000 or less.
  • For tour arrangements, contact +639 065 806 033 (Kuya Rollie) and +639 058 809 706 (Kuya El)


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