Here’s a summarized itinerary and estimated travel expenses for my trip, excluding food and plane ticket, to Siquijor and Negros Oriental on February 15-19, 2016.

February 15, 2016 – Dumaguete and Valencia, Negros Oriental

7:00 am: arrival at Sibulan Airport, ride tricycle (PHP 8.00/person) to eat breakfast at Gabby’s B&B

8:30 am: ride tricycle (~PHP 8.00/person) to Bethel Guest House to book for accommodation (~PHP 3,000 for 3 pax)

11:00 am: rent Easy Ride mini Jeep (PHP 1,000) to get us to Valencia

12:00 pm: arrival at Pulangbato Falls in Valencia (Entrance Fee: PHP 20.00/person)

2:00 pm: depart from Pulangbato Falls

3:00 pm: late lunch at Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck

4:00 pm: arrival at Bethel Guest Hotel, siesta

6:00 pm: stroll around Rizal Boulevard, buy the famous Sansrival, tour at Siliman University

Day 1 Estimated Expenses: ~PHP 1,370.00/person for 3 pax, excluding food


February 16, 2016 – Siquijor

6:00 am: wake-up, pack-up, and eat breakfast at Cafe Filemona

7:30 am: ride tricycle going to Dumaguete Port (~PHP 8.00), book ticket to Siquijor (PHP 160.00 + Terminal Fee: PHP 15.00/person)

8:00 am: departure of boat to Siquijor

9:30 am: arrival at Siquijor Port, buy tickets to Dumaguete for tomorrow’s departure (PHP 160.00 + Terminal Fee: PHP 15.00/person), meet-up with tour guide / driver (this was arranged prior to visit) to get us to San Juan for accommodation

10:00 am: arrival at White Villas Resort in San Juan to book a room (~PHP 3,000/ 3 pax), and rest for a while

11:00 am: eat lunch at Dagsa Restobar

12:30 pm: start Siquijor Coastal Tour (PHP 1,200 good for 3 pax for whole day)

5:30 pm: end Siquijor Coastal Tour, arrival at San Juan, Siquijor

7:00 pm: dinner at Dagsa Restobar

Day 2 Estimated Expenses: ~PHP 1,758.00 excluding food


February 17, 2016 Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental

4:30 am: wake-up call time

5:00 am: check-out to White Villas Resort, ride tricycle going to Siquijor Port (PHP 100.00/3 pax)

6:00 am: departure of boat to Dumaguete city

8:00 am: arrival at Dumaguete Port

8:30 am: eat breakfast at Sansrival Bistro

9:00 am: ride bus going to Zamboanguita (~PHP 60.00)

10:00 am: arrival at Zamboaguita, check-in to Kav’s Beach Resort (~PHP 2,500/3 pax)

10:30 am: eat lunch at Malatapay Market

11:00 am: ride boat going to Apo Island (PHP 2,000.00/ 4 pax)

11:40 am: arrival at Apo Island (Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00 for tourists, PHP 25.00 for locals) snorkel with turtles (PHP 50.00), beach bum

4:00 pm: depart from the island

4:40 pm: arrival at Malatapay Market, ride bus going to Zamboaguita (~PHP 12.00)

5:00 pm: arrival at Kav’s Beach Resort

6:00 pm: dinner at White Chocolate Hills Resort

Day 3 Estimated Expenses: ~PHP 1,890*/ person excluding food (includes rental of snorkelling mask, life vest, and aqua shoes (PHP 100.00 for each gear/ person)


February 18, 2016 Santa Catalina and Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

7:00 am: wake-up call time, eat breakfast at Kav’s Beach Resort, then check-out

8:00 am: ride bus going to Santa Catalina to visit relatives(~PHP 50.00)

10:00 am: arrival at my uncle’s house in Santa Catalina

12:00 pm: ride bus going to Dumaguete (PHP 95.00)

2:00 pm: arrival at Dumaguete Bus Terminal, ride bus going to Manjuyod (~PHP 65.00)

3:10 pm: drop off at Bais Terminal, meet-up with tricycle driver to go to Manjuyod Sandbar dock (PHP 50.00/ 2 pax)

3:20 pm: arrival at Manjuyod Sandbar dock, ride boat going to sandbar (PHP 1,500.00/ good for 2-3 pax)

3:30 pm: arrival at Manjuyod Sandbar

4:50 pm: depart from Manjuyod Sandbar, ride tricycle to drop you off at bus terminal

5:00 pm: ride bus going to Dumaguete (~PHP 65.00)

7:00 pm: arrival at Dumaguete Bus Terminal, eat dinner

8:00 pm: ride bus going to Santa Catalina (PHP 95.00)

10:00 pm: arrival at my uncle’s house in Santa Catalina

Day 3 Estimated Expenses: ~PHP 1145.00/ person excluding food


February 19, 2016 

7:00 am: wake-up, prepare and pack bags

8:00 am: ride tricycle going to Bayawan Terminal (special fare: PHP 100.00/ 3 pax)

8:10 am: arrival at Bayawan Bus Terminal (one-stop) (PHP 110.00)

8:30 am: depart bus going to Dumaguete

11:00 am: arrival at Dumaguete, special ride tricycle going to Sibulan Airport (~ PHP 100.00/ 3 pax)

11:30 am: arrival at Sibulan Airport, print boarding pass, eat lunch

2:00 pm: departure to Manila

Day 4 Estimated Expenses: ~PHP 178.00/ person excluding food

Total Estimated Expenses 5D/4N: PHP 6,341.00/ person of 3 pax, excluding food and plane ticket fare


Contact details:

  • Siquijor Coastal Tour Drivers: +63 9 065 806 033 (Kuya Rollie) and +63 9 058 809 706 (Kuya El)
  • Manjuyod Sandbar Tour (with boat): +63 9 358 623 595 (Miss Jenn)
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