After exploring the caves and lushful islands of Tour B, we visited Tour A. Your trip to El Nido wouldn’t be complete without visiting the lagoons in Tour A. The landscapes we often see in magazines or on the internet showcasing El Nido are these gems. It’s no-brainer that Tour A (and Tour C) are the favorites.

Our first destination was at Shimizu Island. Since we combined Tours A and B in one day, we weren’t able to spend much time here since the island is usually where travellers stop by to eat lunch when visiting islands in Tour A. Other activity you can do in Shimizu Island is snorkelling.

When we were satisfied chasing fishes and sightseeing corals underwater, we headed to the highlight of the tour– the lagoons. There are three lagoons located in an island called Miniloc. The one near Shimizu Island was Secret Lagoon, so we headed there first. Upon approaching, you’ll be greeted by the island’s clear water, and its tremendous rock formation.

The lagoon is hidden on the other side of the island. The entrance to the Secret Lagoon is a small hole. Be careful when passing through the hole as the waves might be harsh sometimes making it difficult to go through.

Our next stop was the Big Lagoon. We were in a bit hurry, and also kinda tired so instead of kayaking, our boatmen decided to go around the lagoon by boat. The place was so calm, and as usual, the view is breathtaking. It felt like we’re exploring a different world while inside.

Lastly, we headed to our final stop, which was the Small Lagoon. Personally, this is my favorite lagoon in Tour A. Unlike in Big Lagoon, boats can’t go around the Small Lagoon, so your only option is to rent a kayak boat.

Having the opportunity to see beautiful beaches from various provinces in the Philippines, I thought I’ve seen it all, but the lagoons beg to differ. We all fell silent and were speechless while kayaking around. Honestly, all I can think of back then was how these amazing lagoons can exist?

To put it simply, it is beyond comprehension how lovely the lagoons of Tour A are. Even pictures cannot put justice to its unique beauty. I would seriously want to visit El Nido again!