Surely El Nido is probably the most magical place in the Philippines. Most of the places visited during island hopping are located on the western side of El Nido so the fact that some of the islands around remains untouched makes my heart flutter. Here’s an overview to grasp where each tourist spots are located:


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While it was so much fun going to different islands during our two days of tour, it sure was exhausting. On our third day in El Nido, we were scheduled to visit the beaches of Inland Tour. It’s a nice idea to just lay on the beach after two days of adrenaline-filled activities. Inland Tour is also suggested by locals if island hopping tours get cancelled due to bad weather.

Inland Tour consist of visiting the following places: Twin Beach, Nagkalit-Kalit Falls, Makinit Hotspring,Corong-corong Beach

From Pawikan Hostel, we rode a tricyle going to Twin Beach. Travel time is around 1 hour from town proper. During rainy seasons, which usually begins from June and lasts until November, going to Twin Beach becomes difficult as the road tends to be quite muddy.

The barangay hall, located few kilometer from the beach, will ask for you to list down your name, and charge PHP 50.00 / person for the entrance fee to the Twin Beach.

By the time we arrived, there were few people present, mostly locals.The northern-most beaches of El Nido have long stretch of white sand that seemed to be endless, and the water– outstanding in color. The beach is completely unspoilt, perfect for those who seek to spend a day in beach to relax. I would seriously want to spend a night on this beach!

The Twin Beach consists of two beaches namely, Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach. An island appears in the middle of the vast body of water, creating two beautiful beaches.

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In my opinion, the waters of Nacpan Beach is preferable for swimming than Calitang Beach. Some locals say that Calitang Beach is a perfect beach to go snorkelling or scuba diving.

TIP: Make sure to go to the hilltop of the island to get a panoramic view of the Twin Beach.  The walk is fairly easy, and short to get to the top.

We decided to leave the Twin Beach past lunch. After eating a sumptuous lunch, we decided to head to Corong-corong Beach, and wait for the sunset. We decided to skip Nagkalit-kalit Falls, and Makinit Hotspring since it was summer time, and the waterfall might be dry. If you wish to visit Nagkalit-kalit falls, it will take 30-40 minutes of trekking to reach the waterfall.

Corong-corong Beach, also known as Marimegmeg Beach, was our final stop this day. The beach is famous for its breathtaking sunset.There were more tourist around here since its more accessible and nearer the proper town. Corong-corong Beach offers a more energetic vibe than Nacpan Beach, with its lively music from resorts, and people by the beach drinking or just enjoying the view. We stayed in Las Cabanas, the farthest resort located on the southernmost tip of the beach while waiting for the sun to  set.

I recommend you try to visit the beaches of Inland Tour! I especially enjoyed our stay in Twin Beach, basking under the sun, and dipping in its crystal water. Watching the sunset in Corong-corong, while enjoying a drink in Las Cabanas,  was a great idea to top off your day.


  • How to Get to El Nido: From Manila, book a flight going to Puerto Princesa (PPS). Travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Puerto Princesa Airport, rent a van prior to your arrival date bound to El Nido. Airlines like Cebu Pacific offers a van transfer from the airport to El Nido (PHP 600/ person / way). Travel time: 5-6 hours. Upon arrival to El Nido Town Proper, hire a tricycle to get you to Nacpan Beach, then Corong-corong Beach.
  • There are several local restaurants available in Nacpan Beach, and Corong-corong Beach. In Nacpan, I recommend that you order prior lunch time since it will take a while to cook the food.

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