After going MIA for a month-long, I finally have the time to write. I was looking, and applying for work last April, and luckily, I was hired on May. Since then, I’ve been focusing on my career as a medical technologist, and have been saving money for my Bohol trip this October.

And while I enjoy  working in the laboratory with my co-workers, I’ve missed going to the beach, getting my hair salty and skin darker, so I decided to embark on another journey before the month of July ends.

Together with my new-found friends from Bacolod, we decided to meet-up and have dinner first before going to Pangasinan. We left Manila at 12:00am, and finally reached Pangasinan at around 6:00am. This trip was hosted by a travel agency, so we rented a van to get to there.

Bolinao Falls 2

Our first destination was at Bolinao Falls 2. From Bolinao Town Proper, you can hire a tricycle to get you to the waterfalls. The road can be quite rocky, and the signage to the waterfalls can be easy to miss, so I suggest you hire a tricycle driver who knows where the falls are located, and keep a keen eye on the sign.

Upon reaching the site, there’s an available open space where people can park their automobiles. From there, you have to walk for a couple of minutes before reaching Bolinao Falls 2.

We didn’t know that there are three waterfalls around: Bolinao Falls 1, Bolinao Falls 2, and Tara Falls. Neither the caretaker nor the driver of the car we rented said anything, and it was too late when we realised that we should have visited Bolinao Falls 1, too.

Compared to its nearby waterfall called Bolinao Falls 1, the Bolinao Falls 2 is smaller, yet it’s rawness is what makes it hauntingly beautiful. If faeries do exist, I’d think this is where they live. The place offers a calm, and peaceful vibe. Make sure to visit early in the morning to enjoy the scenery with few people around. The site has available cottages you can rent for PHP 50.00.

Patar Beach

Our next stop was the Patar Beach. Also known as the Hidden Jewel of the North, the sand, and luminous crystal water is a unique charm! I am always a sucker for the beach, and I never thought a place like this in a province near Manila can exist.

If you’re looking for more adventure, you can rent or pitch a tent, and stay at Patar Beach for the night. If you’re not into camping, there are variety of accommodations available. The beach also has sari-sari stores, shower and comfort room, and parking area.

Polipol Island

Since we wanted to explore more of Patar, we hired a boatman to get us to Polipol Island. This island is clearly a new tourist destination in Bolinao. It is still left untouched by commercialism, and I do hope it stays that way.  Polipol Island is a great place to go beach-bumming, and cliff diving.

Upon reaching the highest rock formation, you can see the spectacular view of the island. The clear blue water in Polipol Island is swimmable, but presence of large rocks, and spiky corals under water makes Patar Beach a better option for swimming.

We left Polipol Island and Patar Beach at 1:00pm. We were supposed to visit Bolinao Rock Formation, but for some unknown reason, the driver decided to skip it. We fell asleep for an hour or two, and when we woke up, we were already at Alaminos! LOL Maybe it was the world telling us to visit Bolinao again next time.

The travel agency we contacted also arranged where we stayed. We spent the rest of the day at San-Leo Family Resort. It’s a nice place for groups looking for a budget accommodation, and it’s accessible from the docking area for the island hopping in Alaminos.

There were many oops on our first day in Pangasinan. We clearly failed to visit some of the places in Bolinao, but the thing about travelling is that it will not always be perfect, or it might not always be the way we wanted it to be, and that’s okay. We learn to appreciate what’s unfolding right before our eyes, for the sweet spots Mother Nature allows us to photograph, and be thankful for the people we’re travelling with.

Additional Information

  • How to Get There: From Manila, you can ride a bus (Victory Liner or Five Star) in Cubao or Pasay bound to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Travel time: 6 to 7 hours.
  • From Bolinao Town Proper, you can hire a tricycle for a day to take you to different tourist spots. It’s easier, and cheaper when travelling in groups.
  • There are available rest room and changing room in Tara Falls. Patar Beach has many sari-sari stores. The place also have public shower and rest rooms.
  • Telecommunication signal for Globe and Smart can be weak or at some point dead spot in Bolinao.

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