We’re past halfway to this year, and it’s already September, the first month in “Ber Months”. As the rainy season’s about to end, I decided to take a breather from work, and invited some of my friends in the laboratory to spend a day in a nearby province in Manila.

After my day trip to Buntot Palos in Pangil, Laguna last year, I’ve always wanted to visit Laguna again, but it ends up getting cancelled due to bad weather, or due to waterfalls being dry. I promised myself to go back to Laguna later this year.


Pagsanjan Falls is a popular waterfalls in Laguna. We might have read it in our old books in elementary, or have visited it during field trips in school. The Pagsanjan Falls also known as Magdapio Falls or Cavinti Falls is located in Cavinti.

It can be reached by riding a canoe  (called as Shooting the Rapids by locals) from Pagsanjan or by hiking from Cavinti. We decided to take the hike instead of renting a canoe since we’re up for some short walk… or so I thought. LOL

If you plan hiking to Pagsanjan Falls, be prepared. There are 500+ steps going to the falls, and while it’s easy to descend to the falls, it can be tough to ascend. Personally, it was a struggle for me to ascend  than to climb down on such a vertical trail. There are also 2 rappels on the way to Pagsanjan Falls, which are nice touch to the hike. Like I said, the hike can be a challenge. No worries, there’s a stop-over where people can rest if you’re out of breath.

After an hour of trekking down, we were able to see the famous Pagsanjan Falls! It was thrilling to witness it finally with my own eyes for the first time after hearing lots of good stuff back in the days when our SIBIKA teacher used to tell stories about it.


Your trip to Pagsanjan Falls isn’t complete without riding a bamboo raft! Riding the raft, the local guides will take you to a hidden cave known as the Devil’s Cave. It definitely sounds intimidating, but entering the cave is definitely a fun activity.


  • From Manila, ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Travel time is 2 hours.
  • From Sta. Cruz Bus Terminal, you can hire a tricycle to get you to Pagsanjan Falls or ride a jeepney bound to Pagsanjan or Cavinti. We chose to hire a tricycle to get us to Pagsanjan Falls since we’re off to visit another waterfalls in Luisiana.
  • If you wish to experience riding a canoe (PHP 1,200/pax including roundtrip transfer,  lifevest, liscensed boatmen and guide), then your drop-off point should be from Pagsanjan. Inquire the locals to help you get to the tourism office or you could negotiate on resorts nearby that offers tour package to Pagsanjan Falls. Travel time takes about 1 hour.
  • For a cheaper option, take the Cavinti route. From Cavinti, hire a tricycle to get you to Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove in Brgy. Tibatib. Trekking to the waterfalls takes about 1-2 hours. Total Fee is PHP 270.00/ pax including entrance fee, tourist guide, life vest.

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