As a coffee-and-tea-lover, one thing that worries me is how these drinks easily make my teeth look yellow. Sadly, brushing my teeth religiously isn’t enough, and going to the dentist monthly would just be too costly for my lifestyle. But just when I thought it’s time for me to cut coffee and tea out of my system, I received a Luxury Teeth Whitening Kit from Sparkly Whites Co. that would solve my dilemma, and after a week, I knew this would be the next big thing in the Philippines.


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I’m obsessed with minimalism, and the packaging made by Sparkly Whites Co. didn’t disappoint! The medium box is a baby blue to white color with the brand’s name plastered on the front. Two magnets serve as locks so the contents inside won’t easily spill. The design leaves a clean and sophisticated impression.


3x Teeth Whitening Gels
1x Desensitising Gel
1x LED Light
1x Mouth Tray Box
2x Mouth Tray
1x Instruction Manual
1x Before and After Card


The Whitening Gel of Sparkly Whites Co. contains Carbamide Peroxide. It is a powerful ingredient for teeth whitening home kits that splits into Hydrogen Peroxide and Urea when activated.

Carbamide peroxide remove stains from coffee, tea, wine, and smoke. With proper oral care, it improves the oral health of the user as it effectively kills bacteria. This gel is often used in teeth whitening home kits, is more stable than Hydrogen Peroxide (alternative solution used), and yields a better long-term results as it releases oxygen slower.


Using a LED light for teeth whitening is common. This method is known as laser whitening. It emits a blue light containing about 465 nanometers of wavelength. Using the teeth whitening gel smeared on mouth trays,the LED light activates the bleaching gel.

To put it simply, the LED light is an accelerator. It allows better absorption of the bleaching agent, making the whole process fast and effective.


The mouth trays are used as a protective barrier in order to avoid the soft tissues in our mouth from getting aggravated when using the LED light.


Dental Hypersensitivity is a sharp pain caused by various stimuli such as drinking cold or hot drinks. Another ingredient in Sparkly Whites Co.’s Teeth Whitening Kit is Potassium Nitrate, which helps calm the teeth nerves. It works by shielding exposed nerve endings from harsh mouth environment.

PRECAUTION: When experiencing sensitivity or pain using the product, stop the procedure, remove the LED light and mouth trays, and rinse your mouth with water. Apply the desensitising gel to the mouth trays and wear them with no LED light for 30 minutes. Consult your dentist afterwards if necessary.


STEP 1: Boil water and place it on a bowl. Submerge the mouth trays for 3-4 seconds.

STEP 2: Mould the mouth trays by placing them over your teeth. Apply pressure to mould perfectly. Cut the plastic tabs afterwards.

STEP 3: Apply a pea-sized amount of teeth whitening gel on each tooth imprint. Place the mouth trays on your teeth, and avoid swallowing.

STEP 4:  Turn on the LED light and place it between your lips and mouth trays. Leave it for 30-60 minutes.

STEP 5: Rinse mouth and mouth trays.

It is encouraged to brush and floss your teeth before and after using the teeth whitening kit for better results. I use the kit once a day after work. Since I often work in the night, I use it before going to sleep, and while watching TV series.


I really loved how concise and easy to understand the instruction manual Sparkly Whites Co. provides. The instruction material has pictures, too, so it’s easier to figure out what the next step is even while multitasking.

I encountered no problem while using the product. Sparkly Whites Co. use gentle formulas on their products, and these are approved by dentists. So unless you have allergies in Carbamide Peroxide or Potassium Nitrate, this would be safe to use.

Personally, the mouth trays didn’t mould perfectly on my teeth. The trays for my lower  and upper teeth were able to shape themselves in accords to my molar, bicuspid, and cuspid teeth, with little significance on the lateral and central teeth even when biting hard on it.

Since the mouth trays didn’t mould like I expect it to, I applied a generous amount of gels onto the mouth trays.

Using the LED light may cause dryness on the lips. This effect is not exclusive to Sparkly Whites Co.’s products, but to all teeth whitening kits that uses LED light. It was the same for me when I scheduled a teeth whitening session to the dentist before.

At first, it was hard to maintain the LED light between my mouth, and at the same time avoid swallowing the accumulating saliva. On the fourth day of using the product, I got used to the feeling.


I used the product for a week, and honest to God, it was heaven-sent! At first, I was skeptical about the product. I didn’t have high expectations that it would work considering it is a home kit, but I was proven wrong.

My teeth aren’t that yellow. If I were to grade it based from the chart of Sparkly Whites Co., it would be a 4 as I started drinking coffee and tea excessively. This made the stains stick hard on my teeth. Day 2 of using the product, I observed some changes on my teeth.

Before using the Luxury Teeth Whitening Kit

Day 2 of using the product

During the fourth day, I saw a great significance on the result. My teeth’s one shade lighter, and my it felt cleaner. Mind you, I was only leaving the gel and LED light for 30 minutes every day.

Day 4


Overall, the Luxury Teeth Whitening Kit of Sparkly Whites Co. is no doubt a superhero! It’s cheaper compared to visiting the dentist once or twice a month, and it works better than other teeth whitening products or toothpaste alone. In my experience, getting results after 4 days is a wonder. Sparkly Whites Co. stays true to their promise.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Sparkly Whites Co. All statement are proven to be genuine, and based from my experience. Follow them on facebook and instagram