I prefer to travel in a backpack since I usually go from one place to another, and using a wheeled suitcase would slow me down. Being fashionable is my least priority, I only bring the essentials, and pack clothes that weigh less, and are more functional (e.g. cotton dresses than shirt and denim).  In short, I only bring what is practical to my adventures.

Hiraya Clothing is a popular local brand in the Philippines that offers both comfort and style. There’a a lot of clothing brands on the internet– all promising to provide excellent quality and to enhance the user’s features, but Hiraya Clothing offers more than fashion statements, they infuse comfort and style together. Other than that, they support the local industry of textiles.

Here, we learn more about the people behind the brand as they share things about themselves, their brand, and what they’re passionate about.

Who are the founders of Hiraya Clothing?

Monalisa is actually two people:
Mon for Monika
Alisa for Alyssa

We’re two girls who are big on dreaming, surfing and travelling!


When and how did you start doing your own clothing line?

Back in college, we’d always travel and loved collecting hippie pants. We couldn’t get enough! Then we dreamt of creating our own. For years it was just a dream, because there’s always seemed to be something in the way. Until one day, we just did it! 


What inspired you to create Hiraya clothing?

Travelling! We backpack whenever we can and always end up in the most unusual places. We’re both grateful to be living in the Philippines – a tropical paradise with many rich cultures and good people. We constantly find inspiration with beautiful Filipino textiles – leaving a little bit of every place’s identity within the woven pattern.


We consider ourselves lucky to be able to make a small living out of something we enjoy doing. We hope to share a piece of our selves through our clothing to those who wear it.

Who are your target audience?

Free spirits.
Lovers of life.
Dreamers of a better and simpler world.
Adventurous souls who choose to take the road less travelled.
Or anyone inspired to do the same.


Can you tell us more about the materials and designs of the clothes? What are your inspirations?

Our inspiration has always been local textiles and weaving found in the Philippines. We try to incorporate them in our work. At the same time it became the perfect excuse to travel. Hiraya Clothing designs are 60s bohemian inspired wrap clothing.


What are the strong points Hiraya Clothing can deliver to customers or prospective buyers? 

We hand pick all our materials and make our pieces with love. We also package everything ourselves.


Hiraya Clothing hopes to inspire freedom and  self expression. We want to send a message that tells people that there is no goal too small or too big. Keep dreaming!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Hiraya Clothing. Follow them on Instagram.