The island of Bohol is known for its uncanny brown hills, and tiny wide-eyed small primates, but it doesn’t stop there. This little province situated beside its more popular sister, Cebu, offers so much more if you’re keen to explore beyond Tagbilaran City.

Aside from that, I’ve never encountered any Boholanos who wouldn’t exchange smiles and would treat you as a stranger. It really felt like I was at home.

Another thing that’s so special about this trip is that this is my first out-of-town trip with Lester! He wasn’t the type of person interested in traveling, but decided to give it a shot, since I kept on insisting he try it.


We arrived at Tagbilaran Airport late in the afternoon. In our itinerary, we ought to visit Mag-aso Falls after arrival, but decided to cancel it so we could have some time to relax. We stayed at Abi’s to eat lunch, and meet our friend, Renz, who arrived in Bohol in the morning.

After lunch / early dinner, we hired a tricycle to get as to Cortes. It’s a town near Tagbilaran City, about 15-30 minutes drive. It’s also home for Abatan where you could rent a boat or a kayak, and explore the river in the dark and watch the fireflies.


Our tour started at 6:00PM. We decided to rent the boat (Bandong) instead of kayaking. To our surprise, there were no other passengers aside from us. Dave, who was really a cool kid served as a guide, and shared interesting facts about the place and the little glowing insects.

Fireflies are nocturnal beetles prefer to live in standing waters, such as ponds, rivers, and lake. They also produce luminescence as sign of mating and communication. Male fireflies emits light, fly and wander around, looking for a mate; while female fireflies stay glue to the tree observing for a male firefly. If the female fireflies sees the male firefly attractive, it will emit and flash its light in response. These are just some interesting things about them.


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I’ve never seen a firefly in my life before! (I know, terrible childhood LOL). So just imagine what I felt when I saw hundreds of them lurking and glowing like a lit christmas tree! Unfortunately, this video below does not suffice how amazing to watch the fireflies are in real life.

We tried our best to capture the amazing scene with our phones, but using flash might harm them and it’s not really useful as the light fireflies emit are weaker than the flash. You may check out crispypataatkarekare’s website to picture out what I saw.

After an hour, the tour ended and we went to Panglao and stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort for the dolphin watching and island hopping tour the next day. Witnessing a magical moment like that felt like I was a disney princess in a disney movie. It’s so surreal.


  • Abatan Firefly Watching is located at National Highway, Barangay Salvador, Cortes Municipality, Bohol.
  • Entrance fee is PHP 50. You may either avail a boat (Bandong) tour which now starts at 7:30 PM or a kayak. For the price of both bandong and kayak, you may check out their website
  • Contact number: 0917 010 599; or email:

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