Our stay in Panglao was filled with so much activities. After witnessing the migration of dolphins early in the morning, snorkelling and scuba diving in Balicasag Island, and visiting the long-stretched sandbar of Virgin Island, we went to visit several tourist spots in Panglao Island.

Prior to our visit in Bohol, I’ve talked with several people if we could do Panglao Island Hopping + Land Tour for a day, and they said that it isn’t possible. Heh, but in our experience it IS possible.

Usually, people opt for Panglao Land Tour the next day after the island tour. But since we didn’t have the time to spend 2 days in Panglao, as we were headed to Tubigon the next day, we decided to combine two tours for a day. Although the  schedule was full-packed, it didn’t felt like it was rushed to be honest. We planned to follow our itinerary with little to no place left unvisited as much as possible.


In the afternoon, we left Dumaluan Beach Resort and headed to Hinagdanan Cave, which was our first destination for the land tour. The cave is located at the municipality of Dauis, just 30-40 minutes away from Alona Beach. Hinagdanan Cave is made of limestone, and has a deep pool inside. On the picture below, you can see its roof full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Hinagdanan Cave was accidentally discovered by a local farmer as he was clearing his land. According to our guide, the said farmer pulled out a dead tree and found out that there was a cave underneath his land. He, then, built a ladder to get to the cave, thus how the cave got its name.

The guides in Hinagdanan Cave are extremely funny and insightful. We enjoyed our visit in the cave. They understood that we want to take a lot of pictures, and so they took shots of us in all sides of the cave! They even did some tricks on our phones that looked like we were water-bending!


Another attraction we visited were the Dauis Church and Nova Shell Museum. Dauis Church, also known as Our Lady of Assumption, opens only on weekends and on special occasions such as baptismal, and  weddings. When we got there, there was a funeral on-going so we were “lucky” we got inside. The Nova Shell Museum, on the other hand, is a private museum owned by Mr. Quirino Hora.

The Nova Shell Museum is probably one of the largest shell collection in the world. For more than 30 years, Mr. Hora studied and collected several shells. Among his collections are the Bursa quirihorai and Primovula Horai, both named after him; and Rotauvula hirohitoi, the smallest shell in the world named after the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito. Meeting the owner himself after the tour was overwhelming. He was kind enough to answer some of our questions about shells and his museum.


Lastly, we visited Bohol Bee Farm famous for their organic ice cream. There used to be a Bee Farm open for people to see, but during our visit it is said to be closed (or possibly not open for visitors).

The resort is located on a secluded place, and provides a lovely view of the beach. There is a souvenir shop inside where you can buy organic delicacies.

It was almost sun down when we got back to Dumaluan Beach Resort. Going from one place to another was hectic, but it was really fun. We decided to rest for a bit before eating dinner, but fell asleep until midnight instead! We were worried we couldn’t eat dinner since province rarely has restaurants open 24/7. Fortunately, there’s a restaurant that’s still open.  Abotanan Restaurant was really a lifesaver! Not to mention they offer affordable meals.


  • How to Get There: Fly from Manila to Tagbilaran. Travel time: aproximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hire a tricycle (~PHP 600) to get you to Panglao and avail the Panglao Island Tour package. You can also rent a motorcycle.
  • Entrance fee for the following sites (per person) :
    • Hinagdanan Cave PHP 50.00, PHP 75.00 if you want to swim. Apparently, you have to pay for parking fee,too. (~PHP 15.00 to 25.00)
    • Nova Shell Museum PHP 35.00


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