When people ask what can we see or do in Tubigon, many would say that it’s a port where you can ride scheduled trips going to Bohol’s neighbouring islands like Cebu, Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, and Siquijor. But a handful of people will tell you that if you explore its waters past Cebu, you could visit some of the country’s virgin sandbars as only local fishermen know about them.

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From Panglao, we headed to Tagbilaran City then rode a van going to Tubigon. Roughly 4 hours of travel time, we reached the port where Sea Drake Island Cruises was waiting for us. The islands in the tour are far from each other.



Our first stop was the Cabgan Island Bat Sanctuary. The island consists of mangroves, home of the “kabog” (bats). For a close encounter with these bats, you need to kayak around the area.Our boat was big and couldn’t fit to go inside so we only saw the mangrove from afar.

Some islets are even inhabited by people! Electricity is available on these places but are run by generators and for a limited time only

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It usually starts in the evening. Arriving on these islets, I couldn’t take my eyes off them as I begin to wonder how can these people survive with limited electricity. I also began to wonder if kids have to ride a boat just so they could go study or they just don’t go to school anymore


Just like what I have said earlier, the sandbars in Tubigon are the highlights of the trip. The Bas Mundo Sandbar is surprisingly untouched beauty.

Shades of turquoise to azure blue can be seen from afar. Being a sea lover, I was immediately drawn to Bas Mundo. There were a couple of fishermen who are about to leave the place when we arrived. The sandbar was also filled with seabirds!


Another sandbar in Tubigon, farther than Bas Mundo but equally as beautiful is the Dumog Sandbar.

There’s a lone cottage built by the locals, like the ones in Manjuyod. The water is perfect for swimming compared to Bas Mundo.


On our way back to Tubigon Port, we passed by to this eerie-looking cottage called Tangtangan Site.

There are still many places to discover in Bohol, and Tubigon is only a part of the recent discovery. I wouldn’t be surprised if travelers come flocking around the province as places like this instant goes to every traveler’s radar. Just a friendly reminder to always be mindful of our waste so we could preserve the beauty of Tubigon.


  • How to Get There: Fly from Manila to Tagbilaran. Travel time: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Tagbilaran Airport, ride a tricycle going to to Tagbilaran Terminal and ride a van going to Tubigon Port; or simply hire a car to get you to Tubigon Port. If from Panglao, hire a tricycle to get you to Tagbilaran Terminal. Hail a van going to Tubigon. Travel time: approximately 4 hours
  • Buy enough food to last for a day when you reach Tubigon Port.
  • Always practice responsible travelling.


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