Working as a medical technologist is surprisingly challenging. It’s important to build a strong foundation in work, and remain updated with the current trends. Recently, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is becoming a thing in our profession. We must earn CPD units in order to renew our licenses Although this has been approved by the law in 2013, the regulation has only been recent. These units are earned by attending post-graduate studies, conventions, trainings, or seminars held by various organizations.


There has been an ongoing disapproval by the medical technologists community about the units. There is no problem with PAMET wanting the professionals to stay equipped and up-to-date; however these events are quite expensive. A medical technologist must accumulate 45 CPD units to renew our license in a span of three years. Imagine how much money is needed considering one seminar is equivalent to only 5-15 points.

There’s a lot of conventions held by many organisations every year. But since I wanted to focus on Blood Banking, I decided to participate on a workshop held by Transfusion Transmissible Infections – National Reference Laboratory of Research Institute for Tropical Medicine. The training lasts about 6 days that tackled topics about HIV and other transmissible infections acquired through blood transfusion. Aside from that, there are hands-on laboratory works such as enzyme immunoassay, and malarial smear screening.



The training was intense to be honest. Mornings are for learning while afternoons are laboratory practicals.



We were divided into 5 groups, consisting of 4-5 persons, led by one facilitator. It felt like I was in college again, only this time I understood what the teacher is saying unlike the confused student I was.


On our last day of training, we had to take written and practical examinations for the proficiency certification.


The training was one of the best decision I did in my life, to be honest. It was fun working and learning together with a full-spectrum of medical technologists. With workshops like this, we meet various people and relate with them much better than in conventions. We easily gain friends and connections from every part of the country, and share experiences in life.



The CPD Program can surely deplete our savings considering how much the pay of a medical technologist is. The good news is, some companies are willing to sponsor their employees to attend workshops like this in exchange for a specified year of service (i.e contract bond). So, the next time you’re in a situation of picking which event, seminar, or training you want to participate, choose the one that is beneficial and will help you go a long way.



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