Taking pictures has become an essential part in our daily lives. From taking snapshots of our OOTD to capturing precious moments in our lives, we like to document them all! Although smartphones can already give us good quality of photos, a good compact camera is still the best option if you want to step up your photography game.

The rise of mirrorless cameras has been apparent. Even pros are switching from DSLRs to try out its competitor. The Alpha series of Sony offers a variety of models that will surely suit every person’s taste and budget.  The Sony a500 is a prime example of an entry-level interchangeable camera, perfect for those who are starting out in photography.

1.Lightest Mirrorless Camera in The World



With Sony a5000, you don’t have to worry about how much space your camera would take in your bag or how heavy it is to carry around all day. Weighing 210 grams (body only) or 269 grams (with battery and memory card included), the Sony a5000 is said to be the lightest mirrorless camera.

2. All You Need In Easy Clicks

The physical controls of Sony a5000 lets you play around your desired custom. On the right side of the camera are the Menu Key and the Control Wheel. Starting video recording has been made easy thanks to the button situated at the rear. A nicely textured grip allows you to comfortably hold the camera in one hand. You can easily shoot, record, and play while on the go.

3. One-Touch Remote and One-Touch Sharing

Sony a500 has a built-in wifi that allows easy connection to smartphones, laptops and PCs, and yes, even TV! The one-touch remote lets you use your gadgets as a viewfinder and remote control for your camera. Another feature is the one-touch sharing that lets you transfer photos and videos effortlessly.


4. Create The Perfect Selfies and Videos

Another key feature of Sony a5000 is the LCD screen that can tilt up to 180 degrees!  This is most useful when you’re travelling alone, and you want to take pictures of yourself and where you are. With the revolutionary LCD flip, you can capture in stills your ultimate hand-held selfie.

5. Photos Like Never Before

Admit it, there are times when our smartphones takes crappy photos once we use the zoom feature or photos get too grainy when shooting at the dark. It just ruins the moment.The a5000 has a 20.1 megapixel APS-C image sensor, and BIONZ X image processing engine that produces real-to-life textures and details. It allows you to save photos at JPEG, RAW or both in formats.

Low-light situations are never a problem now that the a5000 has a built-in, pop-up flash. You can also record high quality Full HD videos in either 60i or 24p frames per second.

6. Wide-range accessories

The Sony a5000 usually comes with a 16-50 mm lens kit, a good lens for those who are starting out. But the adventure begins as you start to find your niche in photography, and would want to upgrade to a better lens that can accommodate your needs.

The Sony Alpha series has a variety of lens and accessories to choose from. Whether it’s a wide-angled lens for landscapes, a telephoto lens for wildlife or macro, or even a fixed focal length lens, they have it.


7. Quality Camera for a Less Price

The Sony a5000 is priced at Php 22,999, available in colors pink, black, gray, and white. It may seem expensive, but considering how impressive the features of the a5000  that it’s even comparable to mid-range DSLRs, it’s honestly a good deal! This camera is a worthy investment that you wouldn’t regret.

You can check out Sony Philippines to find out more about Sony a5000.


(This post is an entry for Yugatech’s giveaway. Photos from Sony PH and Brian Smith.)