Of course, traveling to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without going to their malls, and do some beauty hauling. The city is known as a shopping district so it’s no surprise that their shopping malls are grand, plenty, and offer a variety of clothing , from high-end to RTW. Siam is probably the most famous area to do shopping spree.  They’ve got Siam Paragon, a luxurious mall featuring high-end products; Central World, Thailand’s largest mall that caters local and international brands; and MBK, a shopping haven to everyone cheapskate (it’s like Divisoria, okay!).

We spent some time in the three aforementioned malls, but decided to spend more time in MBK.  Basically speaking, I’m a cheap person so MBK is a good place to buy things I want without making a hole into my (and my parents’) pockets. It’s a place where you can bargain, no wonder you’d see a lot of travelers here.

Beauty Buffet is a local brand in Bangkok that offers beauty products buffet style! Their tagline “The Most Delicious BeautyShop In Town” is fitting as their physical stores look like a pink-and-white-colored-bakery. Having to fly out of the country just to check out their stuff might be a deal breaker to some of you, but Beauty Buffet recently opened their first physical store in the Philippines.

There are 4 well-known brand lines from Beauty Buffet:

  1. Gino McCray : cosmetics intended for professional use, mainly targeted to young professionals and career persons.
  2. SCENTIO: mainly skincare products made from natural ingredients, known for their Milk products
  3. LANSLEY: also majority are skincare products, known for their Vitamin C and Aqua Complex lines.
  4. The Bakery: colorful, trendy, and creatively designed cosmetics intended for teens

In my opinion, their products are cheaper compared to the Korean brands I visit in Manila. Customers can easily choose to their heart’s content whichever products they like. I felt like I was in a frenzy state from hoarding too much products. Price posted below are based from their official website.

Before anything else, my face is oily and acne-prone especially when my period is about to come. Although it isn’t effective on lightening my acne marks, I personally liked the SCENTIO line.  I’m a sucker for anything natural, and with milk as their primary active ingredient, it’s impossible to resist. Now I understand why Queen Cleopatra likes to bathe in milk.

Overall, the product ingredients suit my skin well. It did deliver its promise of having a lighter skin tone after using it for some time, but it isn’t my priority. Below is a list of Beauty Buffet’s products I personally like and recommend:

Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 100mL (THB 130 / PHP 187.56 )

The Facial Foam is perhaps the best-selling product in Beauty Buffet. It’s a mild cleansing foam that has hydrolyzed milk protein and coenzyme Q10 as its main ingredients, that help brightens skin. Other active ingredients are aloe vera extracts, glycerin, and vitamin E that moisturize skin and reduce wrinkles.

The facial foam is sticky and has a bad smell compared to the other milk products. I didn’t like the scent for the first week, but eventually got over it as soon as I used it often.

On the other hand, I was impressed on how my skin felt squeaky clean from dirt and oil after washing my bare face with just a pea-sized amount of this product. The facial foam does not completely remove heavy duty make-up like cream foundation and waterproof mascara, so I use Biore Cleansing Oil before washing my face with this product.


Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Mask 100 mL (THB 205 / PHP 295.83)

Like the facial foam, its active ingredients are milk and coenzyme Q10. It has a creamy-chalky texture so it dries fast, and the scent is absolutely amazing!

Other active ingredients include vitamin B3, helps energize and brighten skin; Witch hazel, to prevent acne and irritation; and mineral oil for moisturizer. The facial mask spreads out on my face so an ample amount is enough for the whole face.

I personally like using the facial mask after a night shift in the laboratory. If I’m lazy, I usually just let it sit overnight and wash it the next day. Most of the time, I let it sit on my face for 15-20 minutes before I rinse it with water. My skin feels softer and looks clear the next day.

Milk Plus Whitening Body Lotion 400 mL (THB 220 / PHP 317.50)

The lotion is by far my most favorite product in the Milk Plus line. Active ingredients for the body lotion are milk and coenzyme Q10, the same as the two products mentioned above.

Oftentimes, I skip using lotion in the morning because it sticks to my clothes when I perspire, but the texture of this product is lightweight, perfect for the weather in Manila. It has a faint sweet smell, which I like the most. It’s definitely a must-have when you visit Beauty Buffet.

For more details about Beauty Buffet, visit their official website . Check out Beauty Buffet Philippines  to check the latest updates in Ayala Malls The 30th Branch.