A lot of people will tell you that Boracay is an expensive island in the Philippines. Not only does every activity you do in this place requires a fee, but also is the place filled with tour operators, souvenir shops, and restaurants. And did I mention that the nightlife in Boracay is another reason why it is so popular?

Sure, you can splurge your hard-earned money in Boracay by booking in a grand hotel, trying every water activities, buying a lot of souvenirs, and dining in upscale restaurants in White Beach; but for those who are in budget like me, we can’t help but assess if  Boracay is worth it. And let me tell you: You can visit Boracay without spending too much! Below are some tips to cut your spending, but still have an awesome stay in one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

  • Find the Right Accommodation. While you could find something cheaper, I try to find some hostels that are on the medium-range. This types usually has an aircon and a private bathroom. Prices range from 1,500 to 2,500 per night, and I split the cost with friends.
  • Choose Which Water Activities to Try. There are a lot of water activities you can try around the White Beach. Price range from PHP 200 to PHP 2,000, depending on the activity. It’s important to choose wisely which things would you like to try now, and those which can be save for later.
  • Places to Eat. Well if you were to splurge on one thing, I truly believe that food will always be the best option. There are many varieties you can find in Boracay. Vegan, Asian cuisine, fine dining with matching fire dancing, local Filipino food– Boracay has it. There are convenience stores open 24/7, and the D’Mall and D’ Talipapa are available as well.
  • Drink Booze Moderately. Boracay Island is also synonymous to party. Price of beer starts from PHP 50 (but you can buy cheaper alcohol in convenience stores), so go easy on booze. Make sure to maximize happy hour, too, so you can buy one drink and get one free!

And without further ado, here’s a sample itinerary with budget breakdown per person and for a group of 3. This excludes airfare and food.

There are many other beaches in Boracay aside from the famous White Beach. Diniwid Beach is located on the southern part of the island, beside White Beach. You may hire a tricycle (PHP 150) to get you to Diniwid Beach or you can walk from Station 2 White Beach, and reach Diniwid Beach after 20-30 minutes of walking.

Another spot  is Bulabog Beach, it is 10- to 15 minutes away from Station 2 White Beach, and is near D’Mall. Bulabog Beach is a public beach, popular especially in Amihan Season when the wind is strong, and where people can do parasailing and kite surfing.

Alternatively, you may choose walking to these said beaches over than renting a tricycle that requires a fixed rate, usually ranging from PHP 100 to PHP 300. You may also ride a public tricycle for PHP 10 to get you around the White Beach Station service road. Farther than that, you should ask the driver if it require you to pay for a fixed or special price in order to avoid confusion.

As for the boat and van transfer, you can either choose to purchase packaged tickets for PHP 150 to 200 per person. This does not include terminal and environmental fees; or you may buy these tickets individually—PHP 15 (non-aircon boat) to 30 (Montenegro Line, aircon boat) for boat transfer, and PHP 150 for van transfer. Boat trips in Caticlan Jetty Port start from 5:00 AM until 10:00PM, and have short time intervals.